About Us

Who are we?
Our aim is simple: to bring local artists, craft enthusiasts, designers, makers and complete beginners together under one roof to share ideas, learn, teach and be inspired to create. We offer a combination of workshops, open studio time and informal clubs and drop in sessions as well as being on had to offer advice. We also offer a monthly membership so regular users can benefit from discounts to our workshops and facilities.
Back to Basics is a self sustaining non profit venture that runs independently of any government support or other regular source of funding. We have worked hard to develop a diverse programme of activities for our workshop, aiming to be inclusive of all ages, income and abilities. 
The team
The day to day running of Back to Basics is carried out predominantly by volunteers managed as part of the St Margaret’s House volunteering programme. We are dedicated to the creative and professional development of all our volunteers and the wider community, offering opportunities to help them improve their skills wherever we can.
The environment
We have a strong environmental ethic at Back to Basics and source as much of our materials second hand as possible. During our workshops we place an emphasis on recycling and up cycling old and unwanted items into new items.  We work closely with Ayoka Charity Boutique to recycle unsellable items. 
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