Saturday, 8 January 2011

Planning a Childrens Party? Read more about our bespoke Craft Parties- not just for kids.

In the words of todays birthday girl, Kate aged 8,"this is the best birthday party I have every had". Now there is a claim for you!
Here at Back to Basics we can plan a bespoke party for that special day. Today we hosted a party for Kate who, along with 5 friends, made their very own tote bags.
We provide all of your materials and will even provide refreshments upon request. Each child designs and makes their own project, with a little help from our experienced teachers of course, oh and any adults who have been roped in as monitors for the day.
Bring your own birthday cake or we can provide one for you, its up to you, we can't take the credit for this one, Kate's mum is a cake making genius without any help from us.
Please visit our Events and Parties page to view all party options available. Its not just for kids you know, we can run adults birthday parties and hen parties, all you have to do is ask!

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  1. Rachel-Mum of The Birthday Girl-The birthday girl said it was the best party she'd had - she'd particularly loved the fact that you'd showed her how to use the sewing machine. The chance to get creative was something that the adults (including myself) really enjoyed too - it's great to be able to find something that both children and grown ups can do together and all enjoy equally.The girls loved it and were still talking so excitedly about it today after their sleepover - all very excited too about taking their bags home to show off to their families! Thank You!