Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Granny Square Love

The lovely Marie Pedersen is our resident yarn expert and is always on hand on a Wednesday morning to advise and guide our loyal band of followers who attend our weekly Wednesday Craft Mornings.

Today's conversation quickly turned to how much we love crocheting granny squares - they are relatively quick to make, it's a good project to do while chatting or watching TV because you go into the gaps rather than the stitches, you get a sense of satisfaction every time you complete one and there are so many things you can make from them. 

Marie has put a together a beautiful post on her blog showing a few granny square designs which she finds inspiring. Why not join her at one of her classes at The Create Place on the 1st of March or the 2nd of April.

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coin purse
shoulder bag
dog coat


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  1. Lovely time this morning. So engrossed in circular knitting that I forgot to give you my £3 donation. So sorry! Will contribute double next time round